Thursday, November 27, 2008

JobeeHive founder, Vishwas Mudagal, on Economic Times

In an article "Techies hit by job insecurities" published on 24th November 2008 in The Economic Times, the author talks about the tech brigade hit by job insecurity and a slowing global economy. "...Not willing to sail with the ebbing tide, a ‘daring’ few are venturing out boldly — a move stamped foolish by many. They have plunged into the fresh waters of entrepreneurship or changed paths to search for their calling...."

Vishwas Mudagal, co-founder of, is quoted in the article for his expert views:

Despite the challenges none have regrets of changing gears during the crisis. Further, these routes provide opportunities to victims of layoffs. “Victims of layoffs are hardly getting interview calls. They have lost the bargaining power. An HR director of a reputed IT company, who lost his job to the recession, used to make Rs 35 lakhs per annum. Today, he is getting offers of Rs 8-10 lakhs per year. Professionals are looking at other domains to make a living or to pursue their dreams. One of the victims, who was in a managerial position with Yahoo!, took up teaching in an international residential school,” said Vishwas Mudagal, founder,

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Layoff Tracker and Reporting on JobeeHive

The economic slowdown around the world has hurt the prospects of all sectors across boundaries. The impact is being felt directly by the employees in the form of sudden layoffs.

We have received many requests from our users to include a new section to report and keep track of layoffs in the industry. So, today we are opening a new section where anyone can report a layoff. Report here: JobeeHive Layoff Tracker

This will be a good tool to keep abreast with pink slips in the industry. We will add more features to this section, if we see a demand.

Give us your feedback!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Press Release: Who's afraid of the pink slips? Enter

India, Bangalore (Press Release) November 10 2008 - In these hard times of layoffs, pink slips and cost cutting across sectors, there still is one place that is teeming with rich career opportunities. (, a unique community platform for professionals, is a Web 2.0 start-up venture that enables professionals to research employers and salaries through user generated company reviews and salary reports. In the backdrop, JobeeHive is a platform to build your professional network and interact with diverse industry professionals. has a host of features that enables you to take a more informed decision about the next step in your career. On signing up, users are encouraged to anonymously fill in details about their current profile, organization, work culture, skill sets, salaries and many other important things that might help potential job aspirants. These reviews can be rated and commented upon by other users, thereby lending credibility to the reviews. The interested aspirant therefore gets a holistic, unbiased view from this informative mixture of reviews, comments and ratings.

Other interesting features include a candid mention of salaries across profiles and job grades in the various sectors, a feature hard to find in many of the established job portals. Registered users can also choose to follow the companies of their choice and a steady stream of all updates is then sent to them periodically on their JobeeHive homepage. And needless to say, one user may freely network with another and can exchange messages for staying connected.

Founder Vishwas Mudagal foresees a positive growth curve for “We intend to target companies across the globe and make the platform friendly for employees in different countries across a wide span of sectors. Our immediate goal is to cover 10,000 companies across the globe and make it one of the biggest players in this new niche segment and steadily expand”, they aver. has already reviews and salaries of nearly 1000 companies across sectors. Traffic has been doubling every month, with users coming in mainly from India and USA. The site offers a plethora of choice backed by sound information that is crucial for the next move in your career – which is more important during the time of a recession. It is little wonder then that they confidently claim to answer the question, “Where do you wanna go next?”

-- End

For more information contact:
Phone: 91-80-41607968
Email: contact[at]jobeehive[dot]com

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Write a review to signup. Need not, if you get an invite.

In our latest BETA version that was released on 12th September, we have opened the gates for public. Any professional can anonymously write a review or report salary for current or a previous employer and get full access to all the reviews and salaries. Professionals can then create their profile on JobeeHive and invite contacts to build their professional network.

We adopted this strategy to keep the data fresh and growing; this will in turn make information more accurate and useful on JobeeHive.

Reviews are completely anonymous! We will only know that you have submitted a review, but never know which one. Neither will anybody. We do not even capture IP addresses. Hence, it is advised to create your profile on JobeeHive with real information. This will help you to take advantage of many other professional networking features.

Just as old times, JobeeHive will still be a great place to meet and interact with industry professionals. And here is good news for people who have friends or contacts on JobeeHive: If you get an invite from an existing JobeeHive user, you need not submit a review to sign up. Accept the invitation to have full access to salaries and reviews on JobeeHive!

Check out company reviews & ratings and salaries on JobeeHive.

Happy JobeeHiving!
The JobeeHive Team

Monday, September 15, 2008

JobeeHive nominated for TATA NEN Hottest Startups Awards has been nominated for TATA NEN Hottest Startups Awards. To vote for us type HOT 152 and sms to 56767. Or visit here to vote through their website.

Friday, August 8, 2008

08.08.08: JobeeHive BETA launched

We upgraded from ALPHA to private BETA today on 08.08.08! We are too tired to really write too much. But, from now on, JobeeHive will be an invitation based network/ website, i.e. someone needs to invite you to join JobeeHive.

Kudos to the team for putting in the work, especially Santosh Turamari, who recently joined JobeeHive as Software Engineer.

It's Friday, we are hitting TGIF tonight!
Will be back with more...

- Vishwas Mudagal

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Announcement: 'JobeeHive' now a trademark of

Legal Announcement: is the owner of trademark, “Jobeehive™”. Any unauthorized use of trademark will amount to infringement and be liable for legal proceedings.

Friday, June 27, 2008

'Startup Buzz' feature demo at Startup Saturday

It's a bit outdated news, but better late than never.

JobeeHive demonstrated a new feature tentatively named 'Startup Buzz' at Startup Saturday, which is organized monthly by KickStart in Bangalore. One of the main objectives of this feature is to provide information about startups and key elements behind them - Vision, People, Work, Technology, Salaries, Business and beyond - in a fashion that is appealing, useful and cool. Also, this feature will allow startups to connect, build and engage with valuable audience. In turn, get them publicity and right talent to hire.

Monday, June 23, 2008

What's your virtual footprint?

Social Networking on the internet is not just a pastime of the young, there are good reasons why it is more than just that says Hriday Ram Shenoy in Swagat, the in-flight magazine of Air India. While analyzing the influence of social networking, he quotes Vishwas Mudagal , the founder of JobeeHive - "Indian corporate success story is set to continue. Professionals would look for platforms to connect to people, manage their professional network and build what we call 'social capital.' JobeeHive helps them."

Check the snapshots below or read the full version of the article here.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Barcamp Bangalore Update

Barcamp Bangalore was fun! We had a great session on JobeeHive, career information, recruitment 2.o and professional networking. It turned out be a very useful and interactive discussion that spread across a variety of issues and opinions. The mood was humorous and peppy. One barcamper even asked us "What will you guys do when corporate guys block JobeeHive in offices?" :) For all of you who attended the discussion, JobeeHive thanks you and we have taken your feedback seriously.

Here are a few pictures from the event.
1. Barcamp buzzing with activity...

2. JobeeHive session announced on Barcamp Notice board at IIM. It was held in the Startups and Demos room.

3. Vishwas Mudagal, Co-Founder, JobeeHive, talks about JobeeHive and its various services and products.

4. The importance of making informed career decisions.

5. JobeeHive received good response from barcampers, which resulted in a packed house. Audience kept asking questions and gave us their opinions and feedback.
Thank you Barcampers! We will meet you all on

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

JobeeHive at Barcamp Bangalore 6

It's Barcamp time again! And we decided to hang out there for a while...

JobeeHive will be conducting an informal session on "Future of Professional Social Networking". We will be basically discussing the following aspects:
  • Discussion on professional networking, its importance, needs and how is it evolving.
  • What is JobeeHive's take on professional networking?
  • Recruitment 2.0 - hiring on web 2.0 sites. (we request all HR folks to participate)
  • User generated information on employers on and discussion about its importance.
  • Sneak peek into JobeeHive.
We want to hear your feedback and suggestions. We will be all ears to get the pulse of the most enthusiastic group in Bangalore, the startup hub of India.

Folks who are interested can register at Barcamp Bangalore wiki. Regarding the schedule, it will be put up on 19th morning at the venue (IIM, Bangalore).

You can reach us at: vishwas [at] jobeehive [dot] com to know more.

See you at Barcamp!
Vishwas Mudagal

Sunday, April 6, 2008

JobeeHive at Startup Lunch, Bangalore

JobeeHive attended the Startup Lunch on 5th April (a initiative) that was held at the NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore. Startup Lunch was an informal event meant to bring together startups and professionals who are enthusiastic about working with a startup. The principle was roughly the same as the SpeedDating concept. Founders spoke about their startups and candidates got a chance to interact with the startup teams. Interested folks could end up working together.

JobeeHive was happy to be a part of the initiative, and we got a chance to network with some cool techies and dynamic entrepreneurs in Bangalore.

Pics below:
Vishwas Mudagal, Co-Founder of JobeeHive makes a pitch (talks about JobeeHive) to the audience during the Startup Lunch.
More details at Startup Lunch Bangalore updates.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Updates for February

The excitement doesn’t seem to stop at JobeeHive. Just a few days back we reached a milestone in terms of collecting immensely valuable information for our users, and on 21st February we released a brand new version of JobeeHive.

Major updates include:

  • A refreshing new user interface, with many ajaxified features to enhance the user experience.
  • We have added a new wizard (online submission form) for JobeeHive Interview Buzz. This is helpful for people who want to share a recent interview experience with us. Try it out!
  • A new alphabetical directory for companies. We have grown bigger but exploring and researching companies has just gotten better and easier. This easy-to-use directory was necessary as we are growing rapidly and searching companies can get tough. The company search has also been optimized.
  • Professional networking features have gotten a face lift. You can now see your contacts occupying prime real estate on your profile page.
  • You can now see who visited your profile and how many hits have you received yesterday, this week or overall from the time you made your JobeeHive profile.

Feedback on the new user interface and features has been very encouraging. We assure you that this is just the beginning and many new cool and useful features will roll out soon.

Vishwas Mudagal

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

First Step

‘How great would it be if I knew everything about my job before I joined?’
‘Can I know the salary standards of company X to negotiate a better salary package?’
‘Do I fit in this company’s work culture? Is the work challenging enough?’
‘What is the business outlook of company Y? How is the leadership?’

Throughout our professional careers we have heard questions like these popping up in many a discussion with colleagues, friends and family. We at JobeeHive pondered over this issue for a while and discussed ways to address it. We wanted JobeeHive to be a platform to answer all the above mentioned questions and more. Today, we are helping professionals take better career decisions. In short, we help them do their homework well.

JobeeHive brings in unbiased insider information about a company’s work culture, salaries, hiring process and business aspects. This can only be told by employees, ex-employees or people who have interviewed with a particular company. The experiences told by employees is a great medium to understand a company; it would bring out the real picture and go beyond what is stated or proclaimed in a company’s website, financial reports or newspapers. It is equivalent to interacting with real people and discussing with employees to understand different aspects of an employer.

When we launched JobeeHive ALPHA version in September 2007, as a first step we created a feature called JobeeHive Employer Buzz. Employer Buzz is an opinion sheet filled out by employees, ex-employees or people who have been interviewed by a particular organization. You can call it a job review, company review, employer feedback, survey or an opportunity for employees to appraise their employers. Together with this, we added several interactive features to make information and opinions as transparent and useful as possible. The response has been tremendous; our users gave us a thumbs up and this has fueled our ambitions further.

Today, while we are still in ALPHA phase, we have over 750 Employer Buzz giving us valuable insider information on various aspects of over 150 companies across India and USA. We are now a fast growing web 2.0 career information provider in India. In the near future, JobeeHive will add many tools to help professionals in career research and job search. Through our professional networking and other related tools, we will equip organizations to connect to valuable audience.

We have made a few parts of JobeeHive public. You can voice your opinion on your company of choice through Employer Buzz. Take a sneak peek at Employer Buzz listing. Leave your email id and we will get back to you with your JobeeHive login soon.

Join JobeeHive! The buzz is here.

- Vishwas Mudagal for