Saturday, February 23, 2008

Updates for February

The excitement doesn’t seem to stop at JobeeHive. Just a few days back we reached a milestone in terms of collecting immensely valuable information for our users, and on 21st February we released a brand new version of JobeeHive.

Major updates include:

  • A refreshing new user interface, with many ajaxified features to enhance the user experience.
  • We have added a new wizard (online submission form) for JobeeHive Interview Buzz. This is helpful for people who want to share a recent interview experience with us. Try it out!
  • A new alphabetical directory for companies. We have grown bigger but exploring and researching companies has just gotten better and easier. This easy-to-use directory was necessary as we are growing rapidly and searching companies can get tough. The company search has also been optimized.
  • Professional networking features have gotten a face lift. You can now see your contacts occupying prime real estate on your profile page.
  • You can now see who visited your profile and how many hits have you received yesterday, this week or overall from the time you made your JobeeHive profile.

Feedback on the new user interface and features has been very encouraging. We assure you that this is just the beginning and many new cool and useful features will roll out soon.

Vishwas Mudagal

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

First Step

‘How great would it be if I knew everything about my job before I joined?’
‘Can I know the salary standards of company X to negotiate a better salary package?’
‘Do I fit in this company’s work culture? Is the work challenging enough?’
‘What is the business outlook of company Y? How is the leadership?’

Throughout our professional careers we have heard questions like these popping up in many a discussion with colleagues, friends and family. We at JobeeHive pondered over this issue for a while and discussed ways to address it. We wanted JobeeHive to be a platform to answer all the above mentioned questions and more. Today, we are helping professionals take better career decisions. In short, we help them do their homework well.

JobeeHive brings in unbiased insider information about a company’s work culture, salaries, hiring process and business aspects. This can only be told by employees, ex-employees or people who have interviewed with a particular company. The experiences told by employees is a great medium to understand a company; it would bring out the real picture and go beyond what is stated or proclaimed in a company’s website, financial reports or newspapers. It is equivalent to interacting with real people and discussing with employees to understand different aspects of an employer.

When we launched JobeeHive ALPHA version in September 2007, as a first step we created a feature called JobeeHive Employer Buzz. Employer Buzz is an opinion sheet filled out by employees, ex-employees or people who have been interviewed by a particular organization. You can call it a job review, company review, employer feedback, survey or an opportunity for employees to appraise their employers. Together with this, we added several interactive features to make information and opinions as transparent and useful as possible. The response has been tremendous; our users gave us a thumbs up and this has fueled our ambitions further.

Today, while we are still in ALPHA phase, we have over 750 Employer Buzz giving us valuable insider information on various aspects of over 150 companies across India and USA. We are now a fast growing web 2.0 career information provider in India. In the near future, JobeeHive will add many tools to help professionals in career research and job search. Through our professional networking and other related tools, we will equip organizations to connect to valuable audience.

We have made a few parts of JobeeHive public. You can voice your opinion on your company of choice through Employer Buzz. Take a sneak peek at Employer Buzz listing. Leave your email id and we will get back to you with your JobeeHive login soon.

Join JobeeHive! The buzz is here.

- Vishwas Mudagal for