Thursday, November 27, 2008

JobeeHive founder, Vishwas Mudagal, on Economic Times

In an article "Techies hit by job insecurities" published on 24th November 2008 in The Economic Times, the author talks about the tech brigade hit by job insecurity and a slowing global economy. "...Not willing to sail with the ebbing tide, a ‘daring’ few are venturing out boldly — a move stamped foolish by many. They have plunged into the fresh waters of entrepreneurship or changed paths to search for their calling...."

Vishwas Mudagal, co-founder of, is quoted in the article for his expert views:

Despite the challenges none have regrets of changing gears during the crisis. Further, these routes provide opportunities to victims of layoffs. “Victims of layoffs are hardly getting interview calls. They have lost the bargaining power. An HR director of a reputed IT company, who lost his job to the recession, used to make Rs 35 lakhs per annum. Today, he is getting offers of Rs 8-10 lakhs per year. Professionals are looking at other domains to make a living or to pursue their dreams. One of the victims, who was in a managerial position with Yahoo!, took up teaching in an international residential school,” said Vishwas Mudagal, founder,

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Layoff Tracker and Reporting on JobeeHive

The economic slowdown around the world has hurt the prospects of all sectors across boundaries. The impact is being felt directly by the employees in the form of sudden layoffs.

We have received many requests from our users to include a new section to report and keep track of layoffs in the industry. So, today we are opening a new section where anyone can report a layoff. Report here: JobeeHive Layoff Tracker

This will be a good tool to keep abreast with pink slips in the industry. We will add more features to this section, if we see a demand.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Press Release: Who's afraid of the pink slips? Enter

India, Bangalore (Press Release) November 10 2008 - In these hard times of layoffs, pink slips and cost cutting across sectors, there still is one place that is teeming with rich career opportunities. (, a unique community platform for professionals, is a Web 2.0 start-up venture that enables professionals to research employers and salaries through user generated company reviews and salary reports. In the backdrop, JobeeHive is a platform to build your professional network and interact with diverse industry professionals. has a host of features that enables you to take a more informed decision about the next step in your career. On signing up, users are encouraged to anonymously fill in details about their current profile, organization, work culture, skill sets, salaries and many other important things that might help potential job aspirants. These reviews can be rated and commented upon by other users, thereby lending credibility to the reviews. The interested aspirant therefore gets a holistic, unbiased view from this informative mixture of reviews, comments and ratings.

Other interesting features include a candid mention of salaries across profiles and job grades in the various sectors, a feature hard to find in many of the established job portals. Registered users can also choose to follow the companies of their choice and a steady stream of all updates is then sent to them periodically on their JobeeHive homepage. And needless to say, one user may freely network with another and can exchange messages for staying connected.

Founder Vishwas Mudagal foresees a positive growth curve for “We intend to target companies across the globe and make the platform friendly for employees in different countries across a wide span of sectors. Our immediate goal is to cover 10,000 companies across the globe and make it one of the biggest players in this new niche segment and steadily expand”, they aver. has already reviews and salaries of nearly 1000 companies across sectors. Traffic has been doubling every month, with users coming in mainly from India and USA. The site offers a plethora of choice backed by sound information that is crucial for the next move in your career – which is more important during the time of a recession. It is little wonder then that they confidently claim to answer the question, “Where do you wanna go next?”

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