Monday, September 14, 2009

JobeeHive in India's hottest startups by JAM Magazine

JAM Magazine saluted the kindred spirit of entrepreneurship and covered India's hottest startups in their September 2009 edition. And ofcourse was listed as one of the hottest startups and touted as "the company that provides what everyone is looking for."

Here is what they said about us - "The website provides a unique platform for people to interact with other professionals by sharing career information on companies they have worked for. Basically, if you joined a company and loved it (or didn't), you can write a review on the website. It is the only website in India currently providing information of this kind. When you want to switch jobs and don't know who to ask about a company, provides all the answers."

The magazine also ran the interview of's founder Vishwas Mudagal. Read the entire story here.

We thank our users and visitors who have made us HOT!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Five 5-min savers

Pic Source: Microsoft Clipart

If you are perpetually wondering why your office laptop/desktop functions slower than Charles Babbage’s prototype, you are certainly not alone. The 5 tools listed below should help you speed up some of the most uninteresting tasks - and still allow you to keep all the wallpapers, games and movies intact! ;)

1. Xobni: For all those who live out of the inbox, Xobni (reverse of inbox) is a welcome relief. Once installed, it takes stock of all your mails and personal folders. It creates a social network of colleagues right in your inbox and you can now easily search for people, conversations and attachments. Other features include integration with LinkedIn, Facebook and Hoovers along with some inbox specific stats for the super-organized folks. Xobni is great time saver when you are looking for a long-forgotten mail chain with hardly any strings to enter in the search fields that are otherwise enabled in MS Outlook. Flip side: slows down the loading of Outlook on first boot.

2. Launchy: Alright, you put as many shortcuts on your desktop as possible, but where does the next one go? Launchy helps you in accessing all your files with minimal hassle and keeps your desktop clutter-free. After installation and initial catalog building, press Alt+Space (customizable) to invoke Launchy. Type in the first few letters of the file, application, folder or URL and hit enter for instant access. Launchy is mouseless, very light, has a compact interface and helps you locate files you didn’t even know resided on your hard disk! Flip side: There is no auto catalog rebuilding and this has to be done manually on a periodic basis.

3. Clear Temp: For most of us, clearing Temporary files is like exercising – we know it is good but we never do it. And on the rare occasions when we do get on to it, the irksome prompt saying some files are currently being used in the session dampens all further enthusiasm. Clear Temp is a small .exe file that cleans all your temp folders in one swipe and closes itself once done. Put it in your startup list of executables and you can forget about clearing temp folders for the rest of your life. Flip side: Doesn’t clean up Recent Docs, Recycle Bin and Registry.

4. Caffeine: You are in the thick of a presentation or on a phone call and lo! Your laptop locks itself as per your organization’s security protocol. To avoid the inconvenience of re-entering your login details/biometrics during such occasions, use Caffeine which is a minuscule .exe that simulates a Shift key press every 59 seconds thereby preventing your system from getting into the lock, screensaver or sleep mode. Flip side: Can’t be customized to run along with specific applications or on a scheduled time.

5. Tweak UI: This is a well-known Microsoft add-on that enables you to customize most features of your PC. Perhaps the one that saves some minutes is the Autologon feature which allows you to do just that into your office network on system startup after you have stored the right username, domain and password. This might not be a great idea if you are using a desktop or a shared laptop but if you are the sole user of your system, this tweak does save a few keystrokes and minimizes instances of failed logins and the more extreme system lockouts depending on how slipshod you can get ;) Flip side: Doesn’t auto-update password when changed.

Not that these tools will give your office PC an edge over the latest Cray XMP build but they’ll certainly make it quicker, this side of a defrag.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Office Jargon Demystified

Like every other tribe under the sun, officedom too comes with a cant unique unto itself. Office lingo is filled with words that sound like a clap of heavenly thunder and almost makes you worship the guy who used it on your uninitiated ears. Seasoned office-goers would find it highly dissatisfying if they don’t get to use some of it a few dozen times everyday.

Unless you are the type who’d like to learn things the hard way, here’s a brief primer of some popular office jargon and their probable undertones: ;)

PFA: An email acronym that stands for ‘Please find attached’. The sender doesn’t want to explain things to you and expects you to learn from the attachment, which is usually a very large document that might take you a decade to wade through.

TIA: An email sign-off that expands to ‘Thanks in Advance’. You are being thanked for an act you are yet to commit, implying that you have no way out but to achieve the expected results. Usually comes with a deadline that is surprisingly within the next 30 min and is ALWAYS accompanied with the PFA as interpreted above.

“Let’s take it offline”: Mostly used in telephonic or video conferences indicating that the thread currently being discussed concerns only a select few attendees. But by the time this great truth is realized, all the rest in the call would have blinked away gallons of yawn-induced tears and dug their nails deep into the underside of the table in a desperate attempt to avoid the embarrassment of falling asleep.

Spare Bandwidth: This is a cunning way of asking if you have ‘additional time’ to complete some extra tasks that no one else wants to do. If you declare that you don’t, it has the uncanny ability of coming back to you with increased load and without an option to reject, this time around.

Urgent and Important: Seen in the subject lines of emails that are just that….for the sender, not you. S/he has now made it your mandate and if you are not careful, you will be doing all of it in your ‘spare bandwidth’.

Gentle Reminder: Again, sent as subject lines of emails to invoke actions to the Urgent and Important activities explained above. The ‘Gentle’ part is mostly restricted to the subject line and as days go by, the content gets ‘gentler and gentler’.

There are a gazillion others, what’s your favorite?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Time to A-C-T Stress

STRESS, perhaps is one of the most oft used words of modern world. ‘I am stressed’ is one phrase that I have been uttering more than my name ever since my post education days. Work stresses me, family stresses me, friends stress me, relationship stresses me. And it’s all real I can actually feel the weight.

I got married recently and marriage as you know is a package. New people, new ways of thinking, new ways of everyday living, along with expectations from your existing relationships and demands of your existing job. Till about a fortnight ago I was heading very clumsily attending to both personal and professional life. So busy did I get with this ‘attending’ business that I almost forgot about a life I had once aspired to enjoy. I went around asking friends on how to tackle the situation. But while on surface it might sound similar, actually all of our situations are so different that it is difficult to derive what worked for others into your life.

I realized stress is something extremely internal to me and it is I who can do something about it. After a bout of real hard thinking I embarked upon a method which I would call A-C-T: Ask-Contemplate-Tackle. Many might feel it is a clone of SWOT – well may be.

What I did here is: I first Asked/Analyzed the situation looking at all the whats, whys, whens and hows. Next I Contemplated on the character that I am (good, bad, ugly), people I have around, environment I am in, my financial and social standing. Finally, based on all my derivatives above I charted out on how I tackle the situation.

One bit of caution before we go about the A-C-T exercise is to be as unbiased as possible. Though all questions are extremely subjective we need to keep an independent view of all the entities in question here – ourselves, people around us and our environment.


What is the situation?
Why have I fallen into it?
When are the times when I fall prey to stressful situations?
How has my external environment played a role in it?

CONTEMPLATE: (A combination of both strengths and weaknesses)

Look at self

What am I like?
How do I react to a situation?
How do I take feedbacks?
How do I react to the unexpected or unknown? …..etc

Look at people around you:

What kinds of behavior make me feel good?
What kinds of behavior intimidate me?
Who all can I open up with and how much?
Role people around me have played in such situations in the past?
Role they could play now?
Do I need to bank upon anyone or is it self handle(able)?

Look at the environment around you

Environment am I comfortable in (could be anything crowded place, not so crowded place, intellectual talks, light talks etc)
Environment I am not comfortable in
What all have I landed myself into, in the past, because of my like or dislike of any environment?
Role, my liking or disliking of my current environment, is playing now

Look at your financial and social standing (independent of stress to asses whether the stress is real or artificial)

Are you fine enough financially?
Are you secure – house, security policies, safe job etc?
Relationship – are you doing fine with all your everyday contacts like spouse, parents, siblings, close friends, boy/girl friend?

Our minds enjoy intense thinking. Stress I would say is another form intense thinking. So sometimes when all is well (finance, security, relationships) we still feel stressed for reasons unknown to us (what many of us call as BLUES). That's because our minds would have created some artificial intense thinking cloud just so that it is occupied. That is why assessing whether the stress is real or artificial is necessary.


Now I have some clarity about:
The situation
How I react and think about something
Impact that people and environment around me have on me
Whether or not I have essential materialistic want

Based on the above make an outline of the following:

ACCEPT: I am stressed because am in real trouble and I want to do something about it.

OR My stress is artificial all that looks wrong to me are actually minor issues

If the stress is real, answer these:

What are those (part of character, people, environment) that I shouldn’t and can’t do away with?
What are those that I should avoid and to what extent?
How much should I get involved intensely (conversation, a situation, a feedback etc)
When should I keep it to surface level?
What are the things that I can let go without hurting myself?
When should I send the ‘I don’t like it’ message?
Which emotions/reactions of mine should I take seriously (based on my experience or real or artificial stress)?
How do I deal with set of people (ones I can/should get closed to, one I should keep it at formal level)?.....etc

There can be many more ways of dealing with a situation. Crux of everything is: The Answer lies within us, all we need is to look for it!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

OPINION: ‘Nice’ guys go to heaven; all others could be corporate honchos

Assuming you are not reading this entry along with your boss, you might probably LOL at the notion of a ‘nice boss’. And there are enough Boss Jokes sites anyways. But consider this: what if some years down the line you get into that very position, or if you are already leading a team, what do your subordinates think of you? Can you be ‘nice’ and still get the job done?

In his book, ‘Snapshots from Hell’, Peter Robinson mentions that the workplace is driven by ‘testosterone induced aggression’ - a set of masculine traits such as dominance, fierceness and even ruthlessness. Being a boss entails managing a team to get the desired results within the specified time frame in such a competitive corporate environment. So when the pressure mounts and deadlines approach, a boss can’t be smooth-tongued with the team for a successful completion.

If you look around your workplace vicinity, you might be surprised to see that the guys with candy-sweet words and easy temper aren’t quite high up while the guys who are not considered so are usually in the big league. Don’t confuse this correlation with causation; aggressiveness might be seen in most people high up but it might not be the (only) cause/reason why they are up there. Needless to say, other leadership qualities are essential. But so is aggressiveness. Simply put, you can’t aspire to be the CEO of your company next month by snapping at all the people you meet from now on. But if you ever intend to get there, you can’t do so by being ‘nice’.

A boss who is achievement-oriented can’t possibly be people-oriented at the same time. So he is unlikely to grant you a week’s leave when an important milestone is round the bend, thereby incurring your displeasure and this is where he differs from the ‘nice’ guys. Eventually, it is this that takes him higher up. He doesn’t allow his ‘desire to be nice’ to impede his ‘desire to achieve and deliver’ when he is forced to pick only one of the two. Not that he resorts to aggressiveness at the very first instance but he doesn’t back off when he thinks it is time to do so. And looking at it from an organizational perspective, ‘nice’ guys could end up being repetitive show-stoppers while the aggressive guys could be the ones the organization counts on to deliver progressively. Therefore, being ‘nice’ is perhaps not a quality organizations look for!

If you are planning to climb the corporate ladder, you might probably want to gear up for the ‘not-so-nice’ title. Yea, you can practice putting on that mean face right away but don’t forget to exit Solitaire and show some great results out of the task you are currently working on ;)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Essential Tools for your Virtual Office

Not every business can afford to invest in important utilities and resources, especially during the startup stage. But assuming you have enough dough to own a desktop in working condition and broadband, here are some free web tools to address the 5 most crucial needs of any business:

1. Video conferencing and telepresence: Tokbox is a web utility that enables onscreen Vcon using a web cam. Unlike the more popular Skype which mandates an installation on all terminals and permits Vcons only among registered users, Tokbox is purely online and only one person in the entire team need maintain a profile; all others may directly join the Vcon after they receive the session URL from this user. Dimdim is a similar service but the free version allows only 1 webcam. TinyChat allows upto 12 members in the free version. Chat, session recording, file-sharing, whiteboard and screen-sharing options are other features available between the three.

2. Document storage and sharing: Dropbox, Mozy, Wuala and are store-sync-share utilities and may be used like an online USB drive. Google Docs, and Zoho enable online creation, editing and sharing of docs, spreadsheets and other Office Suite components. Both have mobile versions so you can access your docs on the fly. Additionally, Evernote, Google Notebook for notes, Flickr, Picasa for pics and SlideShare, Authorstream for presentations are useful sharing options to explore.

3. Finance Management: Mint is a good tool to manage your business’s income and expenditure. You can link your bank account to your profile after signing up and get ready reports, charts and break-ups as the money keeps going in and out, practically eliminating the book-keeping task. Other features like alerts, easy categorizations and mobile access ensure you are always on top of things. Wesabe is an interesting alternative.

4. Project Management: ClockIT takes care of all your time tracking, milestone mapping and Gantt chart plotting requirements. You can assign tasks to co-workers and track progress conveniently. It also has a file storing facility that enables sharing of project related documents with the concerned team mates. Onyaka has a dead simple interface and is a convenient tool for staff scheduling.

5. Space Management: Floorplanner is a cool tool to ensure that you plan and utilize every inch in your office. Starting with a 2D layout, you can drag-n-drop furniture, flooring, windows, doors, plants, electronic items etc from the elaborate library and then render it in 3D at the click of a button. You can also share your workspace designs with non-registered users. Dragonfly is a similar tool with all the functionality of Floorplanner and has a sleeker output, with the translucent walls creating a really classy effect.

So until you can afford a swank office with ubercool telepresence gizmos and a team of expensive-looking finance blokes, the above utils should certainly help you run the show just fine.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

It’s About ‘Who’ you Know more than ‘What’ You Know

We post our CVs on a Monster or a Naukri and we think we’ve done our job. Think from employer’s shoes – wouldn’t s/he want to trust what you claim in your CV, wouldn’t s/he want to validate your candidature from an industry connection known to both you and your prospective employer?

May be it’s time we relooked at our job searching approach. Today, it’s about who (who can validate your potential) you know in the industry rather than how much or what you know. Job search through industry connections on social networking sites like are increasingly getting in vogue.
With millions of resumes hitting HR inboxes, candidates referred through social networks is becoming a popular way for recruiters to filter applicants.
Tarun Hukku, an active social networker feels jobs have become ‘Topic No.1’on networking sites. Hukku is the founder of the regional social networking site - Bangalore Business Network which belongs to Ryze - a business-networking site which has groups based on career and geographical regions.
“It’s easy for an employer to check out the subtler nuances of an applicant’s character which are usually never documented in a CV. For instance a quality like if a person is active on a social network and has a good standing amongst the members then the chances of him being a good team player are high.”
Indians, he thinks, are equal if not more active than most nationalities as far as online social networking goes. “In fact some sites have a dominant Indian presence. And this trend will continue to grow.”

Though job hosting portals are still in, traffic to social networking sites is amongst the fastest-growing on the Internet, claims ComScore Inc.
LinkedIn is thriving in the recession with traffic doubling to 6.9 million in February from 3.3 million a year earlier. Facebook today has 175 million-plus members.
Both Facebook and Twitter have career oriented online groups and applications like Jobster Career Network and sites like TweetMyJobs. In India there is Jobeehive, which not only does company surveys based on user generated content, but also has professionals networking actively.

Software engineer Kushal Das says “Connections on networks are people known to you through work or personally. Added to that if you have couple of recommendations from fellow professionals, it helps building the trust factor for the employer.”
Harit Mankad, manager in a software company, “In social network sites the jobs on display actually match your profile as against talking to consultants who don't always understand the job we do.”
Business Analyst Arun Ghodke who also social-networks for career feels, sites like “Linkedin have features to pinpoint the search for suitable job openings like posts on latest jobs opening etc. That helps.”

So what are you waiting for, get a public profile and start connecting to people.

Websites you could look at:

Linkedin , RYZE , Slip Squad , Tweet-My-Jobs , Facebook , Twitter , Meet Up , Jobeehive

For affective networking:

•Widen your network before getting into the situation of needing another job
•Keep your online profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) connected
•Ping your contacts that you are looking for a change
•Help out your connections whenever you can that’s the best way to get noticed
•The more the number of connections and recommendations the better is your social credibility.

Happy networking to all!


Monday, June 1, 2009

More Goats, Lesser Coffee. What next?

Recession induced layoffs has almost become an everyday feature in most of the news sources. But many companies have resorted to less brutal measures to save jobs and cut costs. Of course, the intention of the organizations is unquestionably benign and the employees have no choice either, but some of them seem really odd when compared to the good old times when things were aplenty.

Gone are the times when there used to be unlimited free coffee in the dispenser, organizations now ration caffeine and deliver it to addicted employees in metered doses. Outgoing calls from landlines are being monitored, usage of staircases instead of elevators is strongly encouraged and printing any document more than two pages is almost a luxury! Even Google has decided to use goats to mow lawns instead of the traditional lawn mowers to save on electricity.

Our Product Marketing Analyst, Sneh was involved in an online discussion where she has got wind of the fact that toilet tissues have vanished overnight from the loos of an organization. ;) We bet there are more such measures wafting around. We can’t get a peek into your offices so do tell us some of the cost-cutting measures your org has resorted to, which you think are beneficial, thoughtful, irritating, ridiculous or even downright hilarious… if you are in the habit of laughing at yourself that is ;)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Let Your CV do the Talking

Can a resume interact? Like run my potential recruiters through the work I have done in the form of images, give them a feel of my career growth so far, enable them to see my university degrees or how about allowing them to actually see me?

Sounds over-imaginative? Not really – it’s actually happening – Visual resumes or interactive CVs or Resume 2.0s are a reality today. It is your web based or online profile comprising details of your work experiences, education, and other professional particulars wherein you could add images of your work, university degree certificates, charts and graphs of your career growth so far and if that’s not enough an introductory audio or a video of yourself elaborating on your skills and strength areas.

And all of it goes to the employer in the form of a web link which they just click instead of having to download the conventional word doc or PDF CVs. These online visual profiles can also be imported to social networking sites like Linkedin, Twitter etc.

Some of the sites you could go to for creating Visual resumes are:

VisualCV (I have used this one and for the first time I found something that allowed me to upload samples of my newsletters, copies of my media articles etc. It makes my profile look more complete now.)
Picture-it-Solved On Blogpost

But why bother, aren’t the word docs we send good enough? Sure but try answering these: in the last 2 months how many jobs have you applied for and how many calls did you get? Does it range in a ratio of 20:2,3 or max 5?

Why would potential recruiters notice your resume that looks alike thousands of others lying there? With the job market going erratic than ever everybody is as insecure and desperate for a good job as you are.

You could be more skilled than the average – but are you positioning it well? Is your resume standing out?
In an online group discussion at Linkedin an HR team leader of an American retail major stated that technology is fast changing recruitment methods – today recruiters ‘google’ applicants’ profiles to come to a decision soon how the information is represented on the web will also be deciding factor.

Others ask if a visual profile would answer the vital question: "Do you have the skills, training and experience to succeed in this new role?" Many feel visual CVs are only for creative jobs.

To me these arguments sound like those conventional resistances before any change. Afterall an online resume does not only give you details of the work, education and skills (like a traditional CV) additionally it provides the room to substantiate your claims with visual proofs.

I spoke to a few Indian HR and people managers to find out whether there’s any such trend in India. Informed Guruvayurappan, head HR, Omega Healthcare, “I haven’t yet received any CV with visuals. I feel before visual resumes make headway into the Indian job markets they need to tackle issues like size of such files and employers’ infrastructural ability and secondly HR fraternity in India isn’t yet tech savvy enough so awareness about it hasn’t really spread.”

I asked my manager if he’s received any. “So far none! Even the HR doesn’t prefer one because of the size of the files,” says he. Padmini P, leading a team of tech writers hasn’t yet see seen any CV with photos, images or graphics, so far it’s only been PDFs.

I still checked with some more.

Training manager with a software company Binu Kurup too says she hasn’t yet seen CVs with graphics and images as such. “I think the main reason is most of the automated HR tools accept only text based CVs as they are easy to parse. But I would love to see visual resumes as it is a better choice, than reading volumes of text.”

Web designing manager Suresh Nayar adds, “I do get some CVs where the portfolio could be located online but not yet a microwebsite which would house their profile, projects and their contacts. In my field, I would love to see an online portfolio and that really helps me gauge their creative potential.”

Looks like while none that I spoke to has actually seen a visual resume, many are quite excited about it as it will give them a better view of the applicant’s candidature. One reservation which has been stated is the file size and employers’ infrastructures to accept/download them. Well, since it’s a web link accessing it could be as seamless as accessing any image/video heavy sites like a

Some of the cautions, however, you could take before trying a visual resume are:

- Don’t get overwhelmed and end up making it too vague with only images and graphics in it
- Balance content and images
- Do not jazz it up too much
- When sending the profile link mention that it is a secure link
- To be begin with send your plain text CVs as attachments and mention link to you online profile in the email

The ultimate idea is to get noticed!!!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Go-getter or show-stopper?

So when was the last time you said, “IMPOSSIBLE” at your workplace? Of course, we have all been taught right from our 5th grades that uttering the “I” word is very uncool and with all the current layoffs reaching dizzying levels, not one person in his/her right senses would remotely come anywhere close to experimenting with that word, eh? ;)

But ‘Impossible’ is a word that comes in many hues: ‘It’s not my job’, ‘Why should I do it?’, ‘How does that concern me?’, ‘Who cares?’ are more or less lame variations of the very same word. The context could be any – a high profile client is on a visit to your office and your boss suddenly asks you to fetch coffee ignoring the fact that you are the top programmer in the team; an important proposal needs to be sent out ASAP and you are the one selected to fax it; or the more frequent instance where you realize you are just doing a chore that was actually assigned to your boss by his and he has in turn delegated it to you.

Many a time, you could get away with not doing it. You would even be justified in ignoring such requests because such tasks don’t actually enhance your CV and the incident is minor enough to be dismissed off, considering your other accomplishments.

An alternate way of looking at such situations is to let all the impulsive questions rise to your mind and then flip each one of them: ‘Why is it not my job?’, ‘Why shouldn’t I do it?’, ‘How can it not concern me?’, ‘Why shouldn’t I care?’ It is perhaps one of the few instances where introducing the negatives makes one see the bigger picture because if you give the flipped questions a little thought, you suddenly perceive the importance of this seemingly minor task and its implications to your organization. In short, you are displacing yourself from the “centre of the universe” and placing your organization in that spot. And at the end of it all, you also feel good about having done the task.

Not that you should grab the janitor’s mop first thing after reaching office tomorrow and replace him in the housekeeping department but the willingness to enable and expedite things, even when those tasks don’t directly figure in your list of responsibilities, is perhaps what differentiates a workplace go-getter from a show-stopper.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You now know what to do in your ‘free’ time ;)

We got some good news for the cubiclers! The JobeeHive blog is moving up a notch and will feature regular posts on various office and career related topics – insight, humor, tools, tips, gyan, trivia, gossip and all the other stuff that you can easily juggle along with your office work. :)

For a start the three of us - Vishwas, Hriday (that’s me) and Jhinuk, will keep the show running. We will include occasional guest posts as well and yeah, we most certainly welcome comments, tips, suggestions and any other form of luv from all our readers to keep this blog rocking. You can subscribe to our RSS Feed and follow us on Twitter to avoid missing our updates.

So after say, 3 cups of coffee, a few hundred lines of IM conversation and a dozen levels of Bloxorz at office, if you still have "some spare bandwidth", our blog is the ideal stop-by.

Welcome to the JobeeHive blog!

PS: What? You hadn’t heard of Bloxorz? See, we were right about the ‘good-news-for-cubiclers’ part, whatsay? ;)

Monday, March 30, 2009

We are shortlisted for Economic Times - Power of Ideas

We are glad to announce that has been shortlisted in the 1st round of Economic Times - The Power of Ideas contest. We thank our team, partners and most importantly users of, whose continued support has made a success. We hope to launch more features that would benefit one-and-all. Watch this space to know more about our participation in the contest.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

JobeeHive on Times Ascent - People EQ of a company

Often companies are dismissed or preserved based on one event or an act of one person. What gets overlooked is while a company can be a one person ‘brand’, it surely isn’t one person organisation

The top story on Times Ascent, which is written by Jhinuk Chowdhury, talks about People EQ of a company and how Satyam is going to bounce back because of its employees.

The article quotes the current rating of Satyam on, which is higher than Infosys, TCS or Wipro. It reads..."Even at a fix as this, Satyam has its people quotient quite high. In a professional-social network website - focused around user generated rating/review of companies, Satyam gets a rating of 3.8 out of 5.0 by its employees as against Infosys with 3.6, Wipro 2.8 and TCS 3.0.

“While lack of transparency was cited as a detrimental factor, employees are optimistic that Satyam would bounce back,” says Vishwas Mudagal, CEO & founder"

Read complete article here.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

JobeeHive featured in DNA newspaper was featured in DNA newspaper on 16th Feb. It also covered the interview of CEO and Founder, Vishwas Mudagal. The article covers JobeeHive's success till date, roadmap and its global plan.

Click on the image below to read the scanned version, else you can read it here.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

JobeeHive in Top 10 Technology Startups: DARE Magazine was listed and featured in the Top Indian Startups by DARE Magazine. The article covers top ten technology product startups which demo'ed in HeadStart 2009 event. Read the scanned version of the article below.

P.S: DARE Magazine got our spelling wrong. :) It is, not JobHive! JobeeHive is pronounced as "Jobby-Hive" - which means a hive of jobbies (job seekers or people doing jobs). And No! we are not a job site. But a hive where jobbies come to exchange information on employers and salaries.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

JobeeHive founder on Watblog Show

Founder Vishwas Mudagal spoke about and it's roadmap to Watblog during the HeadStart 2009 event in Bangalore.

Watch the video (the first Startup in the video): on Economic Times in article on Techno-functional execs

In an article on "Techno-functional execs in demand during recession" in Economic Times (30th January 2009 edition), Vishwas Mudagal, Founder of has been quoted for his expert opinions on the subject.

Excerpts from the article..

"A professional with strong ‘domain/functional knowledge’ and technical knowledge is the last one to be fired. Such talent is difficult to outsource or hire again. In many cases, managers with only functional skills have been fired. That slot is taken over by a technical leader with project management and other functional skills,” says Vishwas Mudagal, founder,, an employer and salary review website.
“Techno-functional guys can take up many roles, like leadership and client handling positions, which is desirable during a recession as it saves money for the employer,” said Vishwas. A March 2007 Forrester Research report too showed that 55% of the 280 IT decision-makers polled cited project management expertise as a missing skill among techies.

Read complete article here.

Monday, January 12, 2009

HeadStart 2009 updates

We had a great time at HeadStart 2009, which was held on 9-10 Jan 2009 in Bangalore. We could personally interact with investors & JobeeHive users and get their feedback. The mission of to equip professionals better career decisions was well taken and appreciated by one and all. We saw a lot of interest from Employers and HR professionals to use JobeeHive to benchmark themselves with competitors and industry in general. You will see more features coming out next to engage employers to address many issues faced by employees.

Overall, HeadStart was a good event. Here are a few pics taken at the event and demo pit:

Satyam Employees speak on

After the arrest of Satyam CEO, all focus is on how employees are feeling about the scenario at Satyam's various offices around the world. is a perfect platform for Satyam employees to come and express themselves. Although, we hear reports that Satyamites are looking to move out in hoards, many are sticking by the company in this hour of reckoning.

Satyam Employees speak their hearts out on There is ofcourse mixed reaction. A Software Engineer at Satyam says.. "Top to Bottom Satyam Management Cheats employees" Read more here. While a Satyam Module Leader fights back saying "Media is irresponsible. Please fight with media against Satyam comments"

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

JobeeHive Demo at HeadStart 2009 will be demoing at HeadStart 2009 this year along with 29 other India's innovative startups. So, be there to catch up with us and discuss our road map, new features & initiatives.... or just for a cup of coffee!

HeadStart showcases innovation in India. HeadStart brings together all the stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem - entrepreneurs and startups, researchers from industry and academia, early adopters of new products and investors - at one place for showcasing innovation and networking. HeadStart 2009 is an annual event which is on the 9th and 10th of January 2009 at the NIMHANS Convention Center, Bangalore.

The agenda comprises of keynotes by eminent technologists and entrepreneurs, live demos of new products such as, panel discussions, technology tutorials, investor meetings and talks by corporate adopters of technology.

We will be posting more on HeadStart soon.

Hope to see you there.
- The Team

Monday, January 5, 2009 on Deccan Herald in news on Deccan Herald, Sunday, December 28, 2008

Article on "IT, ITES jobs at stake" quotes Vishwas Mudagal, Founder,

"Vishwas Mudgal, Founder, echoes the same, "These are tough times for the fresh engineering graduates. Many large IT services firms have hired hundreds of graduates across the country. But many haven't received the joining letters yet."

But the situation may not be bad in India when compared to the West says the latest 'Manpower Employment Outlook Survey.’ The survey says that hiring intentions among Indians employers continue to be the most optimistic."

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