Monday, January 12, 2009

HeadStart 2009 updates

We had a great time at HeadStart 2009, which was held on 9-10 Jan 2009 in Bangalore. We could personally interact with investors & JobeeHive users and get their feedback. The mission of to equip professionals better career decisions was well taken and appreciated by one and all. We saw a lot of interest from Employers and HR professionals to use JobeeHive to benchmark themselves with competitors and industry in general. You will see more features coming out next to engage employers to address many issues faced by employees.

Overall, HeadStart was a good event. Here are a few pics taken at the event and demo pit:

Satyam Employees speak on

After the arrest of Satyam CEO, all focus is on how employees are feeling about the scenario at Satyam's various offices around the world. is a perfect platform for Satyam employees to come and express themselves. Although, we hear reports that Satyamites are looking to move out in hoards, many are sticking by the company in this hour of reckoning.

Satyam Employees speak their hearts out on There is ofcourse mixed reaction. A Software Engineer at Satyam says.. "Top to Bottom Satyam Management Cheats employees" Read more here. While a Satyam Module Leader fights back saying "Media is irresponsible. Please fight with media against Satyam comments"

For employee reviews and candid comments read Satyam Reviews and Ratings on

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

JobeeHive Demo at HeadStart 2009 will be demoing at HeadStart 2009 this year along with 29 other India's innovative startups. So, be there to catch up with us and discuss our road map, new features & initiatives.... or just for a cup of coffee!

HeadStart showcases innovation in India. HeadStart brings together all the stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem - entrepreneurs and startups, researchers from industry and academia, early adopters of new products and investors - at one place for showcasing innovation and networking. HeadStart 2009 is an annual event which is on the 9th and 10th of January 2009 at the NIMHANS Convention Center, Bangalore.

The agenda comprises of keynotes by eminent technologists and entrepreneurs, live demos of new products such as, panel discussions, technology tutorials, investor meetings and talks by corporate adopters of technology.

We will be posting more on HeadStart soon.

Hope to see you there.
- The Team

Monday, January 5, 2009 on Deccan Herald in news on Deccan Herald, Sunday, December 28, 2008

Article on "IT, ITES jobs at stake" quotes Vishwas Mudagal, Founder,

"Vishwas Mudgal, Founder, echoes the same, "These are tough times for the fresh engineering graduates. Many large IT services firms have hired hundreds of graduates across the country. But many haven't received the joining letters yet."

But the situation may not be bad in India when compared to the West says the latest 'Manpower Employment Outlook Survey.’ The survey says that hiring intentions among Indians employers continue to be the most optimistic."

Read full article here.