Monday, January 12, 2009

Satyam Employees speak on

After the arrest of Satyam CEO, all focus is on how employees are feeling about the scenario at Satyam's various offices around the world. is a perfect platform for Satyam employees to come and express themselves. Although, we hear reports that Satyamites are looking to move out in hoards, many are sticking by the company in this hour of reckoning.

Satyam Employees speak their hearts out on There is ofcourse mixed reaction. A Software Engineer at Satyam says.. "Top to Bottom Satyam Management Cheats employees" Read more here. While a Satyam Module Leader fights back saying "Media is irresponsible. Please fight with media against Satyam comments"

For employee reviews and candid comments read Satyam Reviews and Ratings on


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