Sunday, February 1, 2009 on Economic Times in article on Techno-functional execs

In an article on "Techno-functional execs in demand during recession" in Economic Times (30th January 2009 edition), Vishwas Mudagal, Founder of has been quoted for his expert opinions on the subject.

Excerpts from the article..

"A professional with strong ‘domain/functional knowledge’ and technical knowledge is the last one to be fired. Such talent is difficult to outsource or hire again. In many cases, managers with only functional skills have been fired. That slot is taken over by a technical leader with project management and other functional skills,” says Vishwas Mudagal, founder,, an employer and salary review website.
“Techno-functional guys can take up many roles, like leadership and client handling positions, which is desirable during a recession as it saves money for the employer,” said Vishwas. A March 2007 Forrester Research report too showed that 55% of the 280 IT decision-makers polled cited project management expertise as a missing skill among techies.

Read complete article here.


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