Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You now know what to do in your ‘free’ time ;)

We got some good news for the cubiclers! The JobeeHive blog is moving up a notch and will feature regular posts on various office and career related topics – insight, humor, tools, tips, gyan, trivia, gossip and all the other stuff that you can easily juggle along with your office work. :)

For a start the three of us - Vishwas, Hriday (that’s me) and Jhinuk, will keep the show running. We will include occasional guest posts as well and yeah, we most certainly welcome comments, tips, suggestions and any other form of luv from all our readers to keep this blog rocking. You can subscribe to our RSS Feed and follow us on Twitter to avoid missing our updates.

So after say, 3 cups of coffee, a few hundred lines of IM conversation and a dozen levels of Bloxorz at office, if you still have "some spare bandwidth", our blog is the ideal stop-by.

Welcome to the JobeeHive blog!

PS: What? You hadn’t heard of Bloxorz? See, we were right about the ‘good-news-for-cubiclers’ part, whatsay? ;)

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