Monday, June 1, 2009

More Goats, Lesser Coffee. What next?

Recession induced layoffs has almost become an everyday feature in most of the news sources. But many companies have resorted to less brutal measures to save jobs and cut costs. Of course, the intention of the organizations is unquestionably benign and the employees have no choice either, but some of them seem really odd when compared to the good old times when things were aplenty.

Gone are the times when there used to be unlimited free coffee in the dispenser, organizations now ration caffeine and deliver it to addicted employees in metered doses. Outgoing calls from landlines are being monitored, usage of staircases instead of elevators is strongly encouraged and printing any document more than two pages is almost a luxury! Even Google has decided to use goats to mow lawns instead of the traditional lawn mowers to save on electricity.

Our Product Marketing Analyst, Sneh was involved in an online discussion where she has got wind of the fact that toilet tissues have vanished overnight from the loos of an organization. ;) We bet there are more such measures wafting around. We can’t get a peek into your offices so do tell us some of the cost-cutting measures your org has resorted to, which you think are beneficial, thoughtful, irritating, ridiculous or even downright hilarious… if you are in the habit of laughing at yourself that is ;)


  1. Here is something HCL is upto:

  2. Definitely i have seen the toilet rolls and paper napkins depleting faster and repleting at a much slower pace and more water and lesser coffee dispensed form the dispenser in my office...
    Ofcourse one cant forget /ignore the TN govt order's to all the companies about controlling electricity consumption accroding to some specifications which lead to low AC usage (switched off and onalternately..for a limited time period) and sweaty afternoons in the sweltering and humid chennai heat