Wednesday, September 12, 2012

JobeeHive turns 5 today!

Hello there,
Its celebration time here on JobeeHive as we turn 5 today!
We want to thank you for the overwhelming response and for making us one of the leaders in job research in India.
JobeeHive has helped millions of job seekers in their job research by providing them the information they could not find anywhere else and we are determined to make the experience even better.
Times have changed and so has JobeeHive. We are determined to make JobeeHive a one-stop-shop for your job worries.  We are shortly launching ‘Job’ section on JobeeHive. So you would not only find employer review and salary reviews on JobeeHive but would also be able to search jobs.
In coming days we’ll roll out even more exciting features, so stay tuned!

Thank you,
Sonia Sharma
VP - Strategic planning and marketing